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Travel diary overview

What this page is about: I'm doing a three-month stint as a Visiting Fellow at the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. These diaries chronicle my experience.

I was asked to make a single linkable page from which you could display all of my travel diary entries in chronological order. You could do that via using the siai 2010 tag, but that displays the latest entry first, which can be inconvenient to read. So here they are, listed from the earliest to the latest. This post will be updated as I make new entries.

Travel diary, day 1 April 5th - April 6th
Travel diary, day 2 April 6th
Travel diary, day 3 April 8th
Travel diary, day 4 April 9th
Travel diary, days 5-6 April 11th
Travel diary, day 7 April 12th
Travel diary, days 8-9 April 14th
Travel diary, days 10-11 April 16th
Travel diary, days 12-19 April 24th
Travel diary, days 20-26 May 1st
Travel diary, day 27 May 2nd
Travel diary, days 28-36 May 11th
Travel diary, day 37 - interviewing Alicorn - May 12th
Travel diary, days 38-47 - interviewing Mike Blume May 25th
Travel diary, days 48-49 (or, how I am becoming a virtue ethicist) May 27th
Travel diary, days 50-77 June 24th
Travel diary, departure speech July 15th

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